Why you should get up to speed with a Dental Check-up in Surrey

On average, you will get to see your dentist about twice a year and normally this is for a dental check-up and it is a necessary ingredient in keeping you, your mouth and your body healthy, and before you start moaning about what an unnecessary chore this is, you should maybe consider the implications of skipping an appointment first. Your dentist has one agenda and that is to maintain your oral health. At a basic check-up, you will start with an x-ray in order to help check for signs of trouble. Your dentist will then go around your teeth for a visual inspection and if all is okay, you will get a quick clean to get rid of any tartar build-up, a polish and then you are sent home again. If something does show up, then your dentist will fix it. The do this to stop you from falling foul of tooth decay and gum disease. Decay will destroy your teeth very quickly and if left unattended, you will loose them. Gum disease however is more sinister: whilst also aiding the destruction of your teeth, it will infect your gums and whilst doing so, start poisoning your blood. These toxins, further down the line, can also cause problems with your heart and other organs in your body. So suddenly, this should be enough incentive for you to get along for a check-up. If you are having problems with your teeth, this is the time you should sit down with your dentist- discuss the future and see how you can improve your oral hygiene to stop things going wrong….that’s what your dentist is for. For more information about dental check-ups inSurreyarea, then contact Walton’s Mulberry Dental Care.