Why I recommend a six month smile. A Sunbury dentist explains

A six month smile isn`t a smile that lasts six months, it is a solution to many cosmetic problems that takes just six months to solve. In the past many teething problems have taken years to fix, this method now solves those problems in just six months says a Sunbury dentist. The problems that this process solves are varied and wide, gaps, misaligned, protruding and crowded teeth can all be sorted out with this treatment. It involves fitting a special white coloured brace that is quite small compared to most other types of brace. It is fitted with a unique wiring system that allows your dentist to adjust the pressure points and squeeze points to either bring your teeth together, solving the gap problem, or pulling your crowded teeth apart to even them out. The process that used to solve these problems would often take years to solve, using traditional methods, with the six month smile treatment it takes just the half a year as the title implies. There are of course other problem solving methods using braces, such as the Invisalign brace system, but the six month smile boasts that the cost of the treatment is around half of other methods. The Invisalign needs to be replaced every 2 weeks or so, with the six month smile system the adjustments take place every 4-5 weeks. The treatment is proving extremely popular with adults who missed out on the brace system when they were children, and there is no longer a stigma attached to wearing braces in these modern times.