White Teeth in Kingston-upon-Thames

You’ve probably seen it, and you’ve probably desired it, so put your hands in your pocket and go and get it! Yes, Zoom teeth whitening has well and truly landed on the streets of Kingston-upon-Thames and it is here to stay forever, simply because it is truly remarkable and can turn your teeth from pauper to prince in as little as an hour. It takes about three blasts to complete the process- your dentist will first protect your gums and cover them before giving your teeth a gel coating and then a laser zapping that deeply bleaches the enamel. This is then repeated until your teeth are up to scratch and you better believe it, you are going to smile like never before after having this done. Something so good that has wooed people through television, has wooed people even further in reality. The teeth look so Hollywood once they are done, yet they don’t look freakishly white either, they look natural and there are a range of back-up products you can use at home to top-up if you need it. Prices can vary from place to place, but the general consensus is that you can get this done for around £100-£200. Obviously, it depends on what you want from your mouth and how you project yourself on a daily basis, but at least, take a look, because you will be projecting yourself like never before after having this done.