What is TMJ and what can I do to cure it? A Kingston-upon-Thames dentist explains

TMJ is a disorder that not many of us have even heard of, yet so many of us are sufferers says Kingston-upon-Thames dentist. The degree of the disorder varies and so thankfully not too many of us are chronic sufferers, it is particular in women more than men for an unknown reason. The full name is Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, which is ironically quite a mouth full, ironic because the joint involved is the one that adjoins the jaw (Mandible) to the skull. This dysfunction of the joint can cause many other problems from Tinnitus to tooth loss, and it is a disorder that is very difficult to pinpoint as not too much is known about the causes. Inflammations and misalignments of the teeth are the most common symptoms, and a lot of people suffer in silence as they attribute this to other uncontrollable causes. There have been a few cases where patients have reported the symptoms after having had wisdom teeth extracted, it is now believed that the impacted teeth kept the joint in place, and that when they are removed the joint becomes more flexible. This is one of the most common reasons for this awful disorder. It can be quite painful if you are a sufferer, and many are constantly on painkillers totally unaware of the problem. A splint and sometimes a brace will be used to treat the disorder in most cases, these will often stop the grinding of the teeth that is a major attributor to TMJ disorder in the first instance.