What is the Inman Aligner? Mulberry gives you the facts in Kingston-upon-Thames

There are a lot of promises made by aligners and braces today, but then, that’s what competition in the market place does, but this can also help to confuse you when making your choice. However, if only your front teeth are the root of your problem, then your choice in Kingston-upon-Thames has been made for you- the Inman Aligner and if you contact Mulberry Dental Care in the area for a professional opinion, they too will concur that when it comes to this aligner, it’s the only choice, and with good reason too. This beauty comes in the form of a plate that houses it’s unique little mechanism. At the back are two springs that operates a bar that pushes against the inside of the teeth, whilst at the same time, pulls on a wire that wraps around the outside of the teeth. The two opposing forces gently rock the teeth back and forth constantly and by doing so, the teeth loosen and move quickly, so quickly in fact that the treatment is over with before you know it: the fastest times boast 6 weeks!!! Another advantage during the treatment is there are none of the problems of cleaning that comes with fixed braces, as this aligner is also removable. For what the Inman does, the cost (that’s reasonable too) shouldn’t enter into the equation really- fixed teeth in 6 weeks should be what you are focussing on!