Weybridge dentists enthuse about the robust effectiveness of braces

Sometimes the butt of unfair stereotyping associated with the awkwardness of teenage years, braces are an extremely effective way of straightening out teeth which are crooked, misaligned, over crowded or subject to spacing issues. Indeed, despite the profusion of alternative methods of rectifying minor alignment issues, there is no better way of dealing with the multitude of problems that can affect the straightness of teeth, in one fell swoop.

Braces work on the principle that, over time, the position of your teeth can be gently but permanently adjusted if they can be pushed into pulled into their optimum places. To do this, dentists can attach metal brackets to your teeth and then thread wires through these brackets. By adjusting the tension in these wires at regular appointments, your dentist can pull your teeth around your mouth so that they are better placed.

It is no secret that some people find it a little difficult to cope with their appearance when there is so much metal in their mouth. This can be compounded by the fact that treatment times with braces can be quite long. The two years which is sometimes quoted as the possible length of time one has to wear a brace for is only applicable to those who are having a great deal of work done in their mouth. Many, many minor cases will be treated more quickly.

Your Weybridge dentist will have fitted a great many braces in his or her time and so you can go and ask for advice if you are considering the treatment. Once the process has been completed, you can look forward to all the benefits of having a perfectly straightened smile.