Weybridge dentist uses ultra-fast Six Month Smile braces to straighten teeth

Having a beautiful smile full of straight white teeth is a desire that we all have in common. The smile is such an important method of communication and can say so much about us. For people not blessed with naturally straight teeth there has always been the option to have them orthodontically straightened with braces. But wearing braces always involved an element of sacrifice as nobody relishes the idea of 18 months spent with a mouth full of unseemly and uncomfortable metal braces.

Finally there is another option for patients who want the perfect smile with the minimum of fuss. The aptly named Six-Month Smile treatment is a revolutionary new orthodontic treatment that can straighten teeth in as little as six months. These incredible results are achieved because the Six-Month treatment focuses solely on the teeth that can be seen when smiling. By using specially designed nickel-titanium wires, overcrowding and spacing problems can be solved by repositioning the teeth at the front into more natural positions. Due to its more focused approach, Six-month smile can reduce treatment time by as much as 75 per cent when compared to regular braces.

Another major advantage Six-Month braces have over conventional braces is that the wires used are all small and tooth coloured, meaning it is a far more discreet treatment. Discomfort levels experienced by the patients are also lower than usually experienced with normal braces and even clear plastic retainer systems, although it must be said that clear retainer systems do compare slightly favourably in the discretion stakes. However, due to the rapidity of treatment many patients are willing to make this trade-off. Six-Month braces require minimal adjustment with only a ten to fifteen minute appointment required each month to adjust the wires.

If you think you have overcrowded or poorly spaced teeth and could benefit form the Six-Month Smile treatment, ask a Weybridge dentist at your next appointment and see how you could enhance your smile in a very short space of time, without the need for fixed metal braces.