Weybridge dentist straightens teeth in comfort with Damon braces

In the past, patients who needed braces were often left with very little option other than to opt for the traditional fixed metal braces. However, over the last decade a whole new generation of new braces has sprung up offering vastly improved treatment. One of the most impressive of this new generation of braces is the Damon treatment.

Damon braces like to see themselves as more than just an orthodontic product. They believe it is a whole new way of treatment that does away with the need for the removal of otherwise healthy teeth and palatal expanders to create room for the teeth. Damon braces aim to create full natural smiles using sensible amounts of force to move the teeth into position.

The main points of the Damon treatment are faster treatment, fewer appointments and more comfortable treatment and it seems to deliver on all three. Damon uses passive self-ligating braces, which eliminate the need for plastic or metal ties. This means there is no need for tightening during treatment. The light weight memory-shape wires move teeth faster and require fewer adjustments during the course of treatment. The Damon system not only aligns your teeth but also aims to improve your facial aesthetics including profile, without the need for extractions.

Damon braces from a Weybridge dentist are designed to be discreet, comfortable and easy to clean. The brackets are smaller meaning a larger area of the tooth can be cleaned and they have no metal or elastic ties which can act as a magnet for plaque and bacteria. To experience the comfort and discretion of the Damon treatment make an appointment with your dentist. Orthodontic straightening doesn’t have to be the gruelling process it was in the past thanks to Damon braces.