Weybridge dentist diagnoses TMJ during regular check up

TMJ is a disorder that affects the major bones and muscles of the jaw, the area also known as the temporomandibular joint, that is responsible for everyday movements such as chewing, biting and talking. Sufferers from TMJ commonly complain of pain that covers the whole spectrum ranging from constant to intermittent and irritating to severe. As anyone who has experienced pain in this area will tell you, it is no joke and can make the most mundane of activities feel like torture. TMJ can also last for many years if not properly addressed and treated.
Many physicians think that TMJ is caused by stress but recent research has shown that there may be other causes. Teeth that move, either due to a head trauma or natural development, can cause interruption of bite, the way that the top and bottom teeth sit together. This can cause small changes in alignment to the jaw, which, due to its frequent use, can quickly develop into pain.
Rather unfortunately for sufferers of TMJ, the first indicator and major symptom of the condition is pain. This is usually located in the jaw but can manifest itself in the neck and face and can even cause problems with the ears and temporary hearing loss. The diagnosis process usually begins with a clench test, where your Weybridge dentist will examine your bite and ascertain if your teeth hurt when fully closed. This indicates that there has been some change in bite, which may be causing TMJ. The dentist can then carry out further assessment of the teeth and jaw.
Short-term relief from TMJ can be found by using hot and cold packs and over-the-counter pain relief, but this is little more than palliative and does little to address the underlying causes. When fully diagnose by a dentist, TMJ is fully curable with effective treatment. If you are suffering with pain in your teeth, jaw, neck or ears, ask your Weybridge dentist to conduct a clench test as art of your regular six-monthly check-up and you could relief from your painful TMJ.