Weybridge can now offer Invisalign

You may have sat down and watched the film ‘the invisible man’ in Weybridge and seen the benefits that being invisible are- take that to another level, especially when it comes to getting your teeth sorted out and think…‘wouldn’t it be just great if I could get my teeth straightened without anyone noticing?’ Well with Invisalign you can, for this radical little invention from the boys in America will do just that and damn fast too. When you get fitted up, you will be fitted with essentially, a gum-shield; now that may not be ticking boxes for you, but what you are about to hear will. They aligner is manufactured from a very delicate thin and transparent plastic. Now this is very difficult to detect in the mouth when worn, to all of your mates- you will be pinching yourself with how delightful it is to get your teeth straightened. It can also be removed at any time, such as when it comes to that point in the day when you have to brush your teeth. But if you need a little more cream on the top of your milk to entice you into the world of Invisalign, then consider this: this device will get your teeth up to speed three times faster than other treatments- cheap it isn’t, beautiful in ways that other aligners aren’t, it most definitely is! Give it a little look.