Visit our Dental Hygienist in Sunbury

Dental hygienists are very important in helping to maintain your oral health. They will clean your teeth and gums, and train you on how to brush and floss your teeth properly. Proper oral hygiene should begin at a very early age. Our dental hygienists are extremely well trained to help you to learn how to best care for your mouth. When visiting your Sunbury dentist for the first time, the dental hygienist will perform an oral exam and point out any gum problems and/or tooth decay to the dentist. Your Sunbury dentist will again perform this oral exam to double check your teeth and gums, as well as collect other information about your dental and medical health. The dental hygienist will then be given the go ahead to clean your teeth, teach you oral hygiene, and perform a fluoride treatment if required. Your teeth should feel very clean when the dental hygienist completes their services. Dental plaque is a very sticky material that adheres to your teeth and gums. The main goal of the dental hygienist is to clean and help you learn to clean your mouth properly, and to help keep your mouth healthy and odourless. Your dental hygienist may also suggest several dietary and lifestyle changes. Thus, it is not only crucial to see your dentist regularly, but your dental hygienist regularly, as well.