Veneers or Teeth Whitening- you decide in Sunbury

When it comes to choosing a way of getting your smile back on track again, there is a lot of choice, but it essentially comes down to two main options, tooth whitening or dental veneers. However, this is not as hard a dilemma as you may think because it all comes down to what condition your teeth are in. If your teeth have suffered over the years from wearing down, cracking, gaps, receding gums, chips and fading colour, whitening will simply just not be enough to cover these flaws and the only way you can restore the smile you once had, veneers are the best option: there are a lot of choices here too, so you should talk to someone like your dentist or Mulberry Dental Care who are based in Walton, Surrey, but who also serve the Sunbury area. On the other hand, your teeth may well be in pretty hot shape and so all you’ll need to do is to get them whitened: again, lots of choice so shop around and get advice before you start. You can do this in the comfort of your own home or for a few dollars more, you can pop along to the dentist with your money and get the latest laser whitening technology in an hour’s session. Both veneers and whitening have their equally beautiful place in dentistry- it’s just down to how your teeth are that makes the choice for you.