Veneers on your teeth can solve many problems. By a Sunbury dentist

A tooth veneer is the reverse of a veneer on a piece of furniture, with furniture it is a natural covering on a substandard wood, with a tooth veneer it is an artificial covering on a natural material. A Sunbury dentist says that veneers are used in cosmetic surgery to cover up a multitude of sins in the dental department. Misaligned teeth don`t look good, they distort a smile because we are conscious of it and how it appears to other people. A veneer can fix that problem quite easily, and indeed many people plump for a veneer to do just that. Chipped teeth can happen to anyone as the enamel on the teeth is quite brittle, as an alternative to losing the tooth and having a denture fitted, a veneer can easily fix that problem too. Discoloured teeth are probably the most common reason for a veneer, when the front of our teeth becomes discoloured it looks awful and a veneer can easily be fitted to replace the enamel that has been damaged. Veneers are made from Porcelain, which is used a lot in dentistry to make artificial teeth, and they are made specifically for individual teeth using digital photography which is scanned into a computer to assist the orthodontist in making them. They are fitted directly onto the tooth after it has been shave of enough enamel for a perfect fit, they can be replaced if they become damaged. The colour lasts around 10-15 years before they need replacing with another veneer.