Use a tongue cleaner to treat bad breath – ask your Surbiton dentist

It is estimated that roughly 70% of bacteria present in the average human mouth live on the surface of the tongue. Thriving on the protein-rich areas of the tongue they multiply rapidly and are then transported around the rest of the mouth by saliva. The bacteria contribute significantly to periodontal problems such as tooth decay, gum disease and recession, and even tooth loss. Bacteria on the tongue are also one of the major contributing factors to halitosis or bad breath. When the bacteria decay they release volatile sulfurous compounds that release a foul odour that causes bad breath.

Bacteria on the tongue has also been linked to a number of larger systemic problems that can occur in the body including cardiovascular problems, pneumonia, osteoporosis and has been attributed to causing diabetes. Dental health professionals and other physicians have linked the bacteria on the tongue to these wider problems and emphasise the importance of a clean tongue as a major factor in oral and general well-being.

Tongue cleaning devices have been used since ancient times and form a significant part of both Chinese and Indian natural medicine. Modern tongue cleaners can help to remove some of the 500 million types of bacteria that can live on the average human tongue, fungi such as candida (the cause of oral thrush), as well as decaying food debris caught in the grooves of the surface.

Tongue cleaning can also help treat the 90% of cases of halitosis which are said to originate on the tongue. Surbiton dentist can provide you with further information about the use of tongue cleaners and when it is appropriate to use them. Regular tooth brushes are often not sufficient for thorough cleaning of the spongy surface of the tongue. Dentists recommend using a specially designed tongue cleaner.