Understanding the Root Canal Treatment by Weybridge dentist

A root canal is a naturally occurring space within your tooth. It consists of the main canal and the pulp chamber which is within your tooth’s coronal part. It also has complex anatomical branches that connect one root canal to another.
The root canal space is composed of the dental pulp, a highly vascularized and loose connective tissue. It is the dental pulp that forms the tooth’s dentin portion. Endodontic or root canal treatment is the procedure used to remove the pulp from the root canals and pulp chamber to maintain the tooth.
How would you know if you need a  root canal treatment? Here are two main reasons why you may need a root canal treatment:
• Infection – a pulp infection may be caused by an untreated cavity. The decay destroys the tooth’s dentin and enamel until it reaches the root canal system. This will then allow the bacteria to infect the tooth’s pulp.
• Inflammation – the pulp can be damaged by trauma, extensive restorative work or fracture. Inflammation can also occur on the pulp due to common dental procedure.
Here are some signs and symptoms of a pulp infection that may require you to undergo a root canal treatment:
• A painful tooth every time you bite, push or touch it.
• Sensitivity to cold
• Sensitivity to heat
• Tooth discoloration
• Broken tooth
• Swelling of the tooth
Your Weybridge dentist would determine if you need a root canal treatment by placing cold or hot substances against your tooth, gently tap on your tooth and feel the surrounding tissues.