Treating a Tooth Abscess in Sunbury

One of the ferocious conditions that can flare up in the mouth is a tooth abscess; not only painful, but highly toxic too and it starts to leak poisons into the bloodstream as soon as it erupts, which is why if it happens to you in Sunbury, it needs treating immediately. Now these things don’t work to any timetable, so an abscess can appear at any time. The pain can be subdued with painkillers, but you need to get antibiotics into your system as soon as you can, and if you can’t get to your dentists, take no chances and check into A&E at your nearest hospital. Only once the antibiotics have kicked in and the ghastly swelling has subsided, only then can your dentist get to work on you. Abscesses are a result of tooth decay, and if the problem has already reached this stage, you will most definitely require a root canal in order to save the tooth. But this does come with a warning: you have already set the beast free and an abscess easily re-offends, even after the initial treatment and if the problem does re-surface, you may be left with no other option than to have the tooth removed completely in order to stop the cycle. Mulberry Dental Care of Walton inSurreyserves all of this area and they are there for you if you need detailed advice on the subject.