Tooth Decay and Erosion Due to Acidic Meals Common in East Molesey

Parents in East Molesey should prevent their children from immediately brushing their teeth after consuming foods or drinks that are acidic.

According to a study conducted by Jimmy Steele, professor of dental sciences at the University of Newcastle, acidic foods cause tooth erosion and tooth decay. By brushing the teeth immediately after an acidic meal, the soft enamel of the teeth which have been softened by the acid will be further damaged by brushing.

Over brushing and using hard toothbrushes would aggravate even more the damage.

Steele’s survey also found that more than 50 percent of five-year old children have problems with tooth erosion due to acidic foods and drinks. The survey also found that 30 percent of 12-year-old children have been suffering from the worst types of tooth erosion due to acid.

Some of the techniques to help your children avoid tooth erosion and tooth decay are:

• Advise your children to drink acidic juices with a straw. The straw lessens acidic fluids from getting into contact with the teeth.

• Teach them how to drink acidic drinks with the straw placed away from the teeth.

• Advise them to wait for some time before brushing their teeth after consuming acidic foods or drinks.

• Teach them which foods are acidic and which are not. Among the more popular acidic foods are oranges and other citrus fruits and foods with dressings or sauces.

• Look for toothpaste products that highlight their gentleness on the teeth enamel.

All the same, one of the best options is to bring your children to your dentist in East Molesey and ask about tooth erosion and tooth decay due to acid.