The Yellowing of Porcelain Veneers in Molesey

On very few occasions, the odd report comes in from a patient that their porcelain veneers have discoloured and turned yellow. The thing is about porcelain is not only is it an amazingly beautiful material that can transform the way you smile, but it is also durable and highly resistant to staining. Now if you are a heavy smoker and love your red wine and coffee, the veneers will start to discolour and become yellowish. But it doesn’t mean to say that the porcelain has become stained, just that you need to cut back on your excesses and clean your teeth better. However, the more likely reason for veneers to become yellow stems from the way they are fitted. If the cement is poor, or so is the fitting, the staining can seep in from behind the veneer and yellow it that way. Of course, our lives change over the years: when you have veneers fitted originally, they are colour coded to match the rest of your teeth, but if you have your teeth whitened somewhere down the line, the new whiteness of your teeth can make your veneers appear yellow in appearance. For all you need to know about this and other issues with your veneers in Molesey, Mulberry dental care of Walton serve your area and can give you the best advice around.