The World of Lasers and Dentistry in Worcester Park

The words scalpel and drill do not exactly fill you with the comfort of thought that you are going to get a painless and beautiful treatment from your dentist, and that is a fair point- because generally you won’t, because the very nature of how a scalpel and drill works involves trauma and careful recovery.

But in many surgeries these days around Worcester Park, there is a new player in town that has revolutionized the way dental treatments are performed, the laser. This carries out work without doing hardly any damage to the teeth or gum tissue meaning that the procedure is virtually painless.

One such treatment is Water-lase, and incorporates a fine jet of water around the laser as it burns. It is so precise that treatments are carried out with the minimum of pain but with maximum efficiency and because little damage is done due to the lack of vibration, recovery afterwards is rapid.

Laser treatment has replaced the drill and you will find it being in all walks of life by your dentist; it can be used for teeth whitening, fillings, root canal treatment and gum contouring.

But possibly its flagship use has come in the placing of dental implants. This was once a complex operation, but now, thanks to the laser, it has become so easy and comfortable to do, getting an implant fitted these day is as simple as having a filling. Pain free dentistry though, come on, who ever thought that day would arrive?!