The true beauty of Invisalign in Surbiton

Beauty and discretion aren’t normally words that are associated with the world of orthodontics and the way teeth are straightened, but then, the world has never been quite prepared for something like Invisalign. This is a system which works like no other and once you have decided on it, it will get your teeth into shape in a way people could only dream of in years gone by. Two of its major qualities are that it is a clear and removable aligner and you will wear many different ones throughout your treatment as your teeth start shifting. It is made from a completely transparent plastic means that it will be invisible to others around you so this reduces the chance of you being childishly ridiculed throughout the time it takes to work. The fact that you can take it out means that you can carry out a normal oral hygiene programme as well. The other major plus to Invisalign is the time it takes to work: on average, it can work anywhere up to 18 months, although there are variations on the theme of this aligner that have been developed to work as quickly as 6 months! For more information about Invisalign, you would be wise to call Mulberry Dental in Walton-upon-Thames, for they serve the town of Surbiton.