The Surbiton British and Their Fear of the Dentist

Maybe it’s a British thing, but you wouldn’t be surprised at how many people in Surbiton still have some sort of fear of the dentist, even with the modern pain-free laser technology on offer and modern sedation techniques and treatments around.

The thing is, it is still causing dentists headaches, for nervous patients can be difficult to treat, that’s if they have even turned up for an appointment in the first place- because a lot of people don’t and this can only add to problems multiplying in the mouth.

But most dentists will surprise you these days as they are well versed in the problem and can offer you anxiety management, so you should at least pay a visit, just for a chat about your fears, what treatment is on offer and how you can make the process less frightening.

Make a list of your dental woes and go through each one meticulously until you have got the answers you need. By doing this, you can build up a rapport and trust with your dentist and get to know them better. Look around the surgery and get used to being there and in their company. Remember, you can take all of this at your own pace until you are ready to confront the demons that hover around you. So come on, chin up, stiff upper lip and get in there- you’re British after all!