The solution to braces with Invisalign from Shepperton dentist

We all know somebody who wears or who has worn braces. In fact, they are more or less ubiquitous among the teenagers of today as having a great smile becomes more and more important. But are braces really the only answer? Ask anyone who wears them and they can list as many problems as there are hours in the day. Some of the common complaints are that they are painful, they irritate the mouth and they seem to last forever.

This last point is very important, as is the fact that speaking truthfully, a brace is never a good look and can really ruin a smile for the duration of treatment, which could be as long as three years. Finally, however, there is an answer to the question of braces.

Invisalign is a new invisible brace system that straightens teeth with little or no aesthetic impact during treatment. They are made from one millimetre thick clear plastic that is virtually invisible in the mouth. Each retainer-like brace is worn for a period of about three weeks before it is replaced with another.

Two of the major advantages of the Invisalign system are that it is completely removable and that treatment lasts o average six months less than with conventional metal braces. You really don’t seem to be able to loose, and then you are told that they may even be cheaper than a conventional brace. Ask your Shepperton dentist about Invisalign braces if you think you or your child’s teeth could do with straightening. It might just be the best decision you ever make.