The Problem of a Dry Socket in Shepperton

Whenever you have a tooth extracted, it is normally taken as a given that the wound will heal and recover naturally and in most cases, this is true. However, it does require you to be careful as well when you eat and when you clean your teeth: it also demands that you refrain from bad habits such as drinking and smoking as this can hinder the healing process. What happens is this: once the tooth has been removed, the body goes to work and a blood clot forms in the wound which helps to bond the surrounding gum tissue. However, in some cases, the clot can dissolve too quickly or fall out and then you are left with exposed bone to the air- you are now entering the world of the dry socket. Such exposure is extremely painful, as you would imagine, but the mouth is left wildly open to bacterial infection. The only remedy is to get yourself to the dentist as soon as you can. The dentist will then dress the wound, which will have to be changed each day. Each night you must use anti-bacterial mouth-washes and tread very gingerly around wound when you consume food and drink, and when you clean your teeth until the wound starts to heal over again. During this period, it will be painful, so you will also need to stock up on painkillers to help you nurse yourself during this traumatic time. Mulberry Dental Care of Walton can supply you with all the information you need on dry sockets in Shepperton.