The popular choice of false teeth is now Dental Implants. By a Sunbury dentist

Dental Implants have been in the news of late, a certain celebrity is having them fitted and so now everyone wants to know what they are says a Sunbury dentist. They were devised through research in the 1950s and 60s, the first procedure was carried out in Sweden and it was a huge success. Since then medical science has improved on that first attempt, and the results are just amazing. What Implants are exactly is a widely asked question, and to answer it is quite simple, they are false teeth that are permanently fixed to the jaw bone just as our own natural teeth are. A Titanium plate is fitted under the gum and screwed directly onto the jaw bone, over a period of a few months the body produces bone cells that cover the plate and secure it better to the jaw. The incision is opened up and spikes are then inserted into the plate, pre-drilled holes are provided for this. Then the false tooth or teeth is fixed in position on the spike, this is cemented into position and becomes a permanent fixture. They need no special treatment and are treated just the same as a natural tooth is, in fact they soon become so settled in the mouth that the patient forgets they actually have false teeth. They are cleaned like normal teeth, are infection free and very hard wearing. If damaged they can be easily replaced in a few weeks. They really are a unique piece of medical science.