The Perfect Smile- A Shepperton Dentist Explains Porcelain Veneers

Not so long ago, having great looking teeth was considered to be out of reach for most of us. They are for pop stars, actors, models, etc. But porcelain veneers have come way over the years and are available to virtually everyone, explains a dentist from Kingston-Upon-Thames. Veneers can give you back your self esteem and put that smile on your face. In time, our teeth can become tired. They are subceptible to staining, damage, wear and decay, which can bring other perils like gum disease. Bad teeth can also form gaps and cause the gums to recede. This is where porcelain veneers can benefit your look. They are strong, with a natural, transluscent look. They can close those gaps, re-instate the length of the teeth, hide the damage and are more resistant to staining. But like any treatment, you must first consult with your dentist so he understands your needs and reasons. Once agreed on the procedure, the teeth will be shaped and the porcelain removed before a mould can be taken. Until the veneers are fabricated, you may be fitted with temporary veneers to protect your teeth. When the day of the fitting comes, your teeth will be cleaned before the veneers are cemented on and cured with a special light. The look is great and gives you back instant confidence. Porcelain veneers should last between 5-10 years depending on how you treat them, but will have to be replaced in time. Cost can be quite expensive, between £300-£500 pound each, though, in this case you, get what you pay for. It’s a snip for looking wonderful!