The many uses of digital x-rays at Molesey dentists

Molesey dentists are using new dentistry technology at the cutting edge of development to improve dental care and make treatment more accurate. In the world of modern dentistry, technology is advancing at an incredible rate. Surgery is becoming more comfortable and recovery times are becoming ever shorter. However, one of the most important new dentistry tools to be developed over the last decade is the digital x-ray. Not only is this a useful device in its own right but it has also facilitated a number of other pioneering treatments.

There are many clear advantages when using digital x-rays over the conventional types of x-rays. Traditional x-rays are required to be developed in a laboratory. This is a lengthy process and can often lead to the need for further appointments, which can be time consuming. There are also associated problems with overexposure and ruined film. Digital x-rays can be processed immediately for the dentist to examine. The images are also of a very high standard and very clear. They can also easily be stored in the patients file on the computer.

Digital x-rays also address the issue of safety. They require about 80 per cent less radiation meaning they are safer for both the patient and the dentist, who use them every day. This has always been one of the most common dangers of using x-rays

Perhaps most importantly, digital x-rays have also made possible the development of chair side dentistry, which allows dentists to manufacture and fit porcelain veneers and crowns in just a single appointment. This is a vast improvement on the old style of dental restorations, which could often take weeks from start to finish.