The magic of Teeth Whitening in Kingston-upon-Thames

It is generally thought that if your teeth look beautifully white and healthy, then you are going to have a healthy demeanour throughout your mouth- and it’s true. People who have remarkably white teeth are those that have had them whitened, and your dentist would not allow this to have happened unless your mouth was free from gum disease and tooth decay first. This is why they don’t like you going DIY with your teeth whitening unless you have consulted with them to begin with. DIY teeth whitening is big business around Kingston-upon-Thames: you can buy endless products in the shops to get you started. Bleaching pens are great for touching up the odd off-coloured tooth here and there, whereas, using whitening toothpastes can get you teeth looking sparkly everywhere. But it is the full home bleaching kits, with trays and bleach, which people go mad for- people like to do things themselves and now they have the opportunity. But it seems an odd way to go about things when your dentist can do it for you and give you supreme results. Laser tooth whitening is superb and for only an hour in the chair, plus a £100, you can have a look that you only ever dreamed about before. Contact Mulberry dental care before you make your choices; they may be based in Walton, but they serve the area and can help give you focus in your choices.