The joy of Dental Implants comes to Molesey

The dental implant has come a long way since it was given its first trial in Swedenin the 1950’s: it was a very exclusive treatment as well as being mighty expensive, right up until the turn of the century. What changed all of this were computers, digital imaging and the laser and with all three combined, it made putting a titanium root into the jawbone quicker than sewing a button on a shirt. The laser does miniscule damage to surrounding gum tissue, meaning that multiple implants can be put in over a day and healing times are fast. And aside from just housing crowns in the replacement of teeth, the mini version of the implant can help with the anchoring of bridges and dentures. Because the treatment is simple to do, competition between dentists has seen costs tumble, so making it accessible to everyone as well as affordable. For more information about the dental implant and where you can get it done, contact Mulberry Dental Care in Walton: they serve the Molesey area and can tell you everything you need to know.