The Invisible Brace isn`t called an Invisalign for nothing, says a Surrey dentist

The invisalign brace is a brace that is almost invisible to the eye, and it does a brilliant job of straightening your adult teeth. It is also removable and so when you need to lose it, at a business lunch for instance, you can simply pop it out, then pop it back in afterwards. This doesn`t affect the procedure at all, in fact you will also want to take it out when you are cleaning your teeth, says a Surrey dentist. Your dentist will take digital photos and make a mould of your teeth; these are scanned into a computer program. The programmer then works out all the pressure points that will be incorporated into the series of braces that will form the main crux of the treatment, the braces are replaced with an advanced one every two weeks by your dentist. You will also be seeing a 3D film produced by the computer; this will show you and your dentist the whole procedure from start to finish. You will also get to see the end result as a CGI even before you start the treatment, you will also be able to keep a track on the progress on the way it is going as you go along. It is good for fixing front and back teeth as the pressure points are all installed on the inner part of the brace, with no visible parts to see this makes the brace almost invisible. The treatment takes around 8 months for most people, but there are reports of periods of just 3 months to fix minor misalignments. To find out if an Invisalign is right for you, you will need to consult with your dentist first. You should be able to start the treatment fairly quickly once the initial tests are done.