The Invisible Aligner comes to Patients from Surbiton via Mulberry Dental Care

Invisibility is a name you would love to associate with a brace considering the stigma that comes with wearing one, but in fact the dream is here and through Mulberry dental care, you can now find that you can get a fantastic device called Invisalign fitted that will solve all of the orthodontics heartaches of patients from Surbiton and adjoining areas. Surprise! It comes from the professionals of tooth alignment, the Americans who understand the mental problems go through when wearing an aligner. So, they have made one from a transparent plastic that is almost stealth-like in the mouth as you can barely see it. Now that should be reason enough to jump on the Invisalign band wagon…but there’s more. Once you have been fitted up, you will change the aligner as your teeth move and move they do- this device works faster than others that are used for complex and lengthy treatments. Then you have the added bonus that the device is not fixed so it can be removed when required. To see it, if you can, is to be believed and it is rapidly becoming one of the most popular devices for teeth alignment in the country; price, yes, it is more expensive than most other treatments but seriously, who cares, the discretion alone of this device should be enough to want one- it’s invisible!