The instant benefits of a Dental Implant in Surbiton

The problem of tooth loss is always going to be hanging over us throughout our lives. It can happen suddenly through injury, or it can catch up with us later in life through gum disease or tooth decay. How it happens is not so much the issue, as is, what you are going to do about it. The thing is, it is important to get a tooth replaced: it can prevent further complications and help retain your smile. There are options, but before you settle on a choice, give Mulberry dental care of Walton a call (they serve the Surbiton area), and find out as much as you can about dental implants. This is probably the most solid and permanent solution to tooth loss, and has become refined and cheaper over the years as well. Laser technology has made this a very simple procedure to have done: It involves first taking digital x-rays of your mouth to determine the precise point the implant should go. Then the laser will make a hole through the gums and into the bone, into which the implant is screwed. This can be over with in an hour and because a laser causes the minimal amount of damage, healing is quick and in some cases, you can be fitted with your new tooth the same day.