The Inman Aligner comes to Kingston-upon-Thames

Are you being served right in the way your teeth are looking or maybe holding you back-no? Then get yourself down to your dentist in Kingston-upon-Thames as soon as you can and talk about a cute little device called the Inman aligner. This is a feat of engineering genius, just in the way it works. Opposing forces from a bar pushing and a wire pulling mean that your teeth are always in motion when you are fitted with this gem. It can only be used on teeth that are having trouble at the front of the mouth and that make you go about your ways without confidence. But blimey, if that’s all that you have to worry about- then choose this device to get your teeth fixed. It’s removable at any time so if you find yourself having a romantic moment or doing the basics of cleaning your teeth after a meal- then take it out. When the treatment is done, you may have to wear a retainer to ensure that your teeth don’t jump back into place but the reason for this is unbelievable- this aligner can work your teeth into position in around 6 weeks….yes you heard it here- 6 weeks! Think about it, because this could be the answer to all your toothy prayers!