The freedom of the Mini-Implant in Surrey

It would have been unheard of 10 years ago that you could fit 20 dental implants in a day? Let alone it be available in Surrey?? But it’s true, those Americans, who else, have found the answer. Normally, a mini-implant is more associated with the wearing of dentures. But now it can be used along with bridges and crowns. Prior to having them fitted, you’ll have a consultation and some x-rays taken to assess any tooth decay or gum disease and the best place for location of the implants. If you get the green light, you will then have them placed through precision laser micro surgery. This damages very little of the jaw and gums and heals within two months properly. But don’t worry because you don’t leave the surgery with just a mouthful of tiny spikes, you will be fitted with temporary fittings until the healing is complete, and then an impression is taken of your mouth from which the new fittings are made. Prices for these treatments can vary wildly so you will have to see your dentist about prices and payment plans. But for the freedom you achieve from this treatment has got to be worth investing in.