The Digital X-ray in Weybridge

One of the great things about ongoing technology in health care has come with being able to diagnose things quickly so that problems can be dealt with immediately, and if you are shall we say, in your forties, you may have noticed when you have popped into a dentists in Weybridge of late that when they have taken an X-ray of your teeth, you’re not waiting a couple of weeks for the results- they have the results to hand pretty much straight away. This is all down to the digital X-ray; the procedure still feels the same yet within seconds, an image is posted up on a computer screen. This allows a rapid diagnosis to be made and allows treatment to begin immediately. Digital X-rays can be stored easily and cross referenced with old-style X-rays too. But if we remain with the speed element, if your treatment is beyond the realms of your dentist, you are no longer at the mercy of the post, as your images can be sent to a specialist via an e-mail, again, for instant diagnosis and again, for immediate treatment. Revolutionizing this way of diagnosis means that as a patient, you no longer have to sit around watching your teeth get worse until the results come in.