The choice of dental braces in Molesey

Finding out that you need to wear braces in Molesey is stressful enough, but once that has sunk in, then you are confronted with choice. Normally this comes down to money, vanity and the extent of work required. Whatever the choice, if braces are required, it’s to maintain a healthy mouth in the long run. They come in many shapes and sizes and are made from a variety of materials. If you’re looking for something discreet, there are a few to choose from. Clearstep and Invasalign are clear and difficult to see in the mouth, removable (great for hygiene) and work quicker than the ‘uglier’ metallic braces that are fixed in. Then there’s the Damon brace that uses ceramic plates and a wire that is self adjusting; again it’s a fairly discreet option and easy to clean. But if you’re in a real hurry and it’s suitable for your mouth, the Inman aligner is the ‘concorde’ of the brace world. This treatment can be over within as little as 16 weeks! It works on the front teeth, pushing and pulling the teeth into place and for hygiene, or if you’ve got a hot dinner date, it can be removed. The final ‘kid on this block’ is the 6-month smile- it does what it says on the packet. Aimed more at adults, it is easy, discreet and fast. But as with most things in life, new methods and treatments are coming along all the time and wearing braces is losing the stigma it once had. So don’t worry, a consultation with your dentist will enlighten you to the choices around.