The benefits if Digital X-rays in Surbiton

Modern dentistry has come an awful long way over the last 50 years and has developed largely thanks to the computer and digital imaging, especially when it comes to x-rays. Time is of the essence so that issues don’t worsen in your mouth, and this could well be the case with old x-ray techniques. Now though, with digital x-raying, you can be diagnosed in seconds and then treated straight away. It works similar to traditional methods in the sense that you are photographed in the same way, however the image is sent straight to a computer screen for analysis. This also makes it easier to store for historical reasons and can hence be accessed in seconds. This is very useful if the work you need doing is beyond the realms of your regular dentist and you require specialist treatment: all your dentist has to do is send an e-mail to the specialist and you can get seen within days and thus treated. Most dentists in Surbiton use digital x-rays, but if you want more information about how they can work for you and the benefits of them, give Mulberry dental care a call in Surrey as they serve the area.