The Amazing Inman Aligner in Kingston-upon-Thames

Dentistry has moved into the space age. Who’d have predicted 20 years ago that you could have a dental implant fitted in a day, have your teeth laser bleached or fitted with veneers, a bridge or a crown in an hour, or more amazingly, have those irritating crooked teeth at the front of the mouth straightened within 6 weeks! Well you better believe it because when it comes to teeth aligning, the Inman aligner has reached the dental surgeries of Kingston-upon-Thames. This amazing and unique device promises just that; with its complex mechanism of springs and wires, it pushes whilst pulling the teeth, into place and it’s because the teeth are constantly on the move, that the device is able to work so quickly. This element of speed means that you can plan a treatment to fit into your busy year. Not that the element of time should be a problem anyway, because it has a couple of other aces to play whilst it works. For a start, it sits quite discreetly in the mouth, so wearing it isn’t that much of an issue anyway, however long it takes. But for shear freedom, the aligner is removable too, giving you a couple of hours each day to be free from wearing it. It can be considered to be one of the most expensive options around, but for the sheer audacity of treatment time, it’s got to be worth a look!