Teething in Surbiton

Teething can be a very delicate time for babies and parents alike in Surbiton and dealing with it is not an exact science. Teeth start to grow as soon as a baby begins to grow in the womb. Some babies can be born with their teeth showing, but normally on average, they start to break through the gums at around 5 months. These are normally the front teeth, but by the time your child reaches the age of two, they should have a full set. It can be a very painful time for some kids and on top of this, the first teeth that come through can be very vulnerable to tooth decay. But as parents, you don’t have to suffer this period on your own, if you enlist the help of a pediatrician. He or she will be able to guide you through these choppy waters and give you the advice you need. There are soothing gels that can be used to help soothe the gums as the teeth start to erupt and giving the baby something hard to bite down on can help this process too. There are specially designed ‘teethers’ that you can use for this; there are also certain pain-killers that can be used, although most parents prefer to steer clear of these. As the teeth break through, they should also be cleaned regularly after feeding to remove bacteria and prevent decay setting in. If you prepare yourself for this time in your child’s life and understand what is involved, you give your kid the best possible start to grow up with a healthy set of teeth.