Teeth Whitening Treatment in Kingston upon thames

You can choose to have teeth whitening done on-site by your Kingston upon thames dentist or elect to do it yourself at home. While on-site whitening creates an instant and many times a striking effect, most people like at-home whitening because it’s less expensive and flexible. What is the precise difference between these two options?
Teeth Whitening Issues
As a rule, the perfect answer to staining is teeth-whitening. Nevertheless, there may be a variation in the efficacy of teeth whitening, based on the individual. Besides, whitening treatments can lead to short-term tooth sensitivity, the intensiveness of which varies from one person to another.
Some times due to the severity of tooth staining, it is not possible to completely treat the condition by whitening. In such cases, veneers may be the ideal solution. Your Kingston upon thames dentist can guide you on this.
On-site Tooth Whitening
The benefit of undergoing an on-site teeth-whitening procedure is that it is quick and gets you instant results. Normally, you can have your teeth whitened by quite a few shades in about 45 minutes, stunningly enhancing your look in the least time span. Tooth colour charts are availed of in the course of treatment consultations to determine your present shading and ascertain your whitening objective. On-site whitening is unusual in this regard, since your Kingston upon thames dentist possesses more control over attaining your particular teeth whitening objectives.
In the course of a teeth-whitening treatment, you are made to relax while your teeth preparation is underway. Your Kingston upon thames dentist puts a protector in your mouth so as to shield the gums and lips from a whitening substance that is smeared on the teeth.
In certain kinds of on-site whitening, the whitening substance is applied in three sessions during the visit. A particular lamp is employed to trigger the whitening substance and accelerate the process of whitening. Once the substance is set off, it stays on your teeth for around 15 to 20 minutes until it’s time for the subsequent application.
The shortcomings of on-site teeth whitening include the price and the higher occurrence of short-term tooth sensitivity. As single on-site treatments avail of powerful whitening agents, the chances of short-term sensitivity are even higher