Teeth Whitening or Veneers: You decided in Sunbury

When you decide to get your teeth into shape in Sunbury, there are various ways to go about doing this: a little advice may well be needed at first, so you should contact Mulberry dental care; based in Walton, Surrey, they serve the area and can guide you through your options. Essentially, the choices between having dental veneers or teeth whitening comes down to the condition of your teeth. If they are crooked, gapped, chipped or cracked, then you will need veneers to cover up these problems. They can help to turn back the years in your smile and being durable, they will last you a good 15 years if you look after them. On the flip side of veneers though, if your teeth are in pretty fine shape and only look a little jaded through discolouration, then getting them whitened is the preferable way forward. You can buy toothpastes, colouring pens and home DIY bleaching kits if you fancy taking the job on yourself, but you can get the state-of-the-art laser bleaching done by your dentist, quickly and cheaply. Whatever you decide on, both the final results from veneers and whitening are phenomenal and will transform your smile beautifully.