Teeth Whitening explained by a Molesey dentist

Teeth whitening is the new ` Tan`, and it is now available from most High Street dental surgeries’ says a Molesey dentist. A technician rather than a dentist will tend to be the one who will do this simple procedure for you. The cost is quite varied as well as the competition is fierce. Expect to pay between £200 and £400, the procedure takes about an hour and there are literarily no after effects except a little tenderness that lasts for a few days at worst. The technician will place a rubber shield in your mouth, this protects the lips, mouth and gums from being burnt. A gel is the coated onto the teeth and a machine will produce an intense blue, bright light, this reacts with the gel and whitens the teeth. The light would burn your soft mouth tissue if it was exposed to it for a long time, the teeth need about 45 minutes of treatment and this is done in 3 stages. Teeth need to cool done in between the 15 minute sessions, when it is all done the technician will then go over after care procedures that will ensure the whitening lasts a long time, usually a year or more. You will be advised to keep away from any food or drink that will stain the teeth again; coffee, red wine etc are the obvious ones, although white is permissible.