Taking the plunge with Dentures in Kingston-upon-Thames

It really is a bit of a leap of faith and a nervous one to take when you have to wear dentures; images of teeth falling out and in being dropped into a jar late at night doesn’t do anything to alleviate those fears either. But take heart because there is a new breed of dentures around in Kingston-upon-Thames today and if you take a look at what’s available, it will ease you worries no end. For a start, they look a lot more natural than they ever did, because of the naturally colored softer materials they are made from and also because the material then houses hard porcelain teeth. Being softer also means that it adheres to every crook and cranny inside the mouth. Fixodent’s have also been through an amazing transformation over the years and stick the dentures into the mouth with incredible strength. But the most amazing thing to ever be offered to those who wear dentures is the mini implant. Simple to fit, it’s a tiny titanium spike that is screwed into the jaw in a day: five or six of these to one denture that then clicks onto the little spikes. This removes virtually any chance of the dentures coming out in mid conversation and combined with a Fixodent as well, and you could gnaw your way through a scaffolding pole. Not so frightening now eh?