Taking the plunge with a Dental Bridge in Sunbury

Tooth loss can lead to further tooth loss if not addressed as the other teeth are exposed to infection and further movement once the too has gone missing. In Sunbury there are bridges on the market that can do the job of shoring up the gap, but the one you will require rather depends exactly on where the tooth has been lost. If it has gone missing at the back, you will need to be fitted with a cantilever bridge which involves wires being attached to the neighboring tooth and then bonded in. If a tooth has gone between two others, a Maryland bridge is one of the more popular choices; the replacement tooth is between two crowns that are then cemented onto the ‘neighbors’. But if two teeth have gone together, one of the best ways is to have a half crown at one end that will be cemented onto the remaining adjacent tooth, the new teeth in the middle and at the other end, a full crown that is located onto a mini-implant. Bridges are durable and can go the distance but you need to ensure that you know how to clean them properly as food can get stuck under them and cause bacteria.