Surrey dentists secure dentures with mini-implants

Losing your teeth can be a very traumatic experience and can be very embarrassing but there is always the option of wearing dentures to restore the appearance of the teeth. Modern dentures are far superior to the dentures of the past and can look very realistic and be very comfortable. However, even the best pair of dentures can sometimes feel loose and be in danger of slipping out. This is the source of great anxiety for many denture wearers. This often leads many denture wearers to use denture adhesives to keep the dentures in place.

Denture adhesives can be effective but they also have many drawbacks, including that they can be sticky and messy and prevent you from eating certain foods. But there is another option for denture wearers to keep the dentures firmly in place. Mini-implants are small titanium screws that are placed directly in the jawbone to act as a solid base for the dentures. The procedure involves drilling the small screws into the bone and allowing them several weeks to fuse and become set. In this way they actually become part of the jawbone itself and are very stable.

The existing dentures are then fitted with clips that can attach to the implants holding the dentures in position. The dentures can easily clip on and off to the implants so they can still be removed at night and for cleaning. Not only does this alleviate the anxiety of loose dentures but it also means that patients can eat what they like, when they like without having to worry about it being messy or unpleasant.

Mini-implants from Surrey dentists are becoming very popular as a very effective method of dental treatment.