Surbiton dentists offer effective solution for cavities with cosmetic bonding techniques

For many years now, millions of patients have had their cavities effectively filled by metal fillings. Cavities can be painful and inconvenient and ought to be rectified as soon as possible. The traditional metal solution to cavities has now been surpassed by cosmetic bonding techniques which are more aesthetically pleasing than metal fillings. The good news is that metal fillings can even be replaced using cosmetic bonding.

Made from fillers and acrylic resin, dental composite is a mouldable substance that is perfect for filling cavities in teeth. Such is the adaptable nature of the material, your dentist can select an appropriate shade and texture so that it matches your surrounding teeth. No-one will even know that you have fillings in your mouth.

Once your dentist has cleaned up the area in the mouth from debris and plaque an adherent gel is applied so that the bond has an extra firm hold on your tooth. A special light with ‘curing’ properties is shone onto the area, giving the bonding a special finish. Your dentist then buffs and polishes the area and the result is a barely noticeable solution to your cavity.

Modern techniques allow this process to be carried out even quicker than before too. Traditional x-rays would have to be sent off to a lab for development but their new digital equivalents can be carried out there and then with no development necessary. Contact your Surbiton dentist today to ask for more information about cosmetic bonding and how it can be used to fill cavities or replace unsightly metal fillings.