Surbiton Dentist Reviews Dental Decay

Tooth enamel is the hardest structural in the body, and is resistant to destruction with the right environment. Teeth are continually being bombarded by bacteria and other microbes. Although, tooth decay or dental caries is not a life-threatening disease, it is a burden that can cause difficulties throughout life. Surbiton dentists can help you prevent dental caries, as well as treat dental caries. Prevention actions taken in the U.K. has decreased the rate of dental caries. Poverty is a risk factor for dental caries.

For the development of tooth decay, several things acting together for a considerable time are required. These are a susceptible tooth, bacteria that cause tooth decay, and fermentable carbohydrates supplied by the diet. The primary bacteria known to cause tooth decay is Streptococcus mutans (Sm). Sm can be transmitted from one person to another. Sugar greatly increases the rate of tooth decay. Your Surbiton dentist and dental hygienist can teach you proper oral home care; this will help to prevent and reduce the incidence of tooth decay. In ordinary conditions of oral health, Sm consumes sugar and then produces bacterial acids. These acids then initiate enamel demineralization in very small amounts, and the body’s built in defence mechanisms remineralise this enamel using salivary minerals if the bacteria and plaque are properly removed from the teeth surfaces.
Tooth decay results from demineralization of tooth enamel by lactic acid. Lactic acid is formed by bacterial plaque adhering to the enamel. These bacteria feed on sugar (or other carbohydrates that are fermentable. The more frequently you consume sucrose, the more damage these bacteria can cause. Frequent sugar ingestion can cause the pH of the saliva to stay below 5.0, which is acidic and will expedite tooth demineralization. Therefore, it is more important to eat sugar products only at certain times of the day to insure that the sugar can by brushed or washed away. When bacteria and dental plaque remain on the teeth for awhile, and are fed by sugars, tooth decay will begin, unless the bacteria and plaque are sufficiently removed. Your Surbiton Dental Clinic will teach you how to brush and floss properly, and modify your diet or sugar consumption.