Surbiton Dentist Offers Lumineers Veneers for the Perfect Smile

Traditionally made with porcelain, veneers offered the possibility of making your smile perfectly straight and white. While veneers were effective at creating a new appearance, the thickness of the porcelain required the removal of a layer of enamel from the teeth, essentially making the procedure irreversible. Lumineers are a new type of ultra thin veneers that can be placed on top of the existing enamel without causing any discomfort or inconvenience.

If you are looking for a solution to discoloured and/or crooked teeth, speak to your Surbiton dentist about the possibilities of Lumineers veneers. With Lumineers your original teeth remain untouched, the Lumineers are bonded directly on to the surface without any need to alter your natural teeth. Unlike other veneers, Lumineers are made of patented cerinate porcelain. This type of porcelain is much stronger than others, the additional strength allow the material to be used several degress thinner than other types.

The procedure is fairly straightforward and will begin with a consultation at the dental practice in Surbiton to discuss the full range of options available to you. Lumineers are able to cover a wide range of dental issues, from stained and discoloured teeth to chipped or crooked teeth. If you decide that Lumineers are right for you the procedure is quick and easy, normally not requiring any form of anaesthetic. Using a set to specifically match your teeth and gum sizes, the Lumineers are carefully bonded over your natural teeth, creating a secure and long lasting veneer.