Sunbury dentists use CEREC technology to revolutionise the way they practice

If you need some work doing on your teeth the thought of having to endure lengthy visits to the dentist is probably the last thing that you need. So many of us have busy lives with high pressured jobs and families to look after, fitting in the dentist just might not seem possible among all the other things on the schedule. But things have changed in many dental surgeries and now many of the procedures that might have taken a long time, are far swifter, allowing you to get on with your life.

The dramatic changes sweeping through dental surgeries are thanks to CEREC techniques which harness the very latest in computer aided, digital technology to make dental procedures more efficient. The digital x-rays which are now in use, significantly cut down the time that one needs to spend at the dental surgery. These images are three dimensional so that your dentist need only take one x-ray to have access to different perspectives on your mouth. In the past, repeated x-rays would have been needed, all of which would have to be developed in the lab.

These digital x-rays can then be sent to online machines which craft dental products, ready to be fitted there and then in the studio. For example, a porcelain dental crown can be made in just six minutes by one of these machines. Needless to say, this will dramatically reduce the amount of time that you need to spend in the surgery. Costs are not increased as a result of these new techniques because expensive lab fees are often eliminated. Talk to your Sunbury dentist to find out how CEREC techniques are changing the way that dentistry is practiced in their surgery.