Sunbury dentists solve the problem of tooth loss by fitting dentures

Dentures are sets of false teeth which are mounted on a platform and worn in the mouth when a number of teeth have been lost. They are probably most common in cases of complete tooth loss where the patient has no teeth left, but they are also available in partial sets. They have not enjoyed the best of reputations but that is all changing as the techniques used to make dentures improve and offer patients a far better experience with the product.

Sets of dentures are able to be held in place either with special fixing gels or just through the suction of your gums. Modern dentures are made to order with the dentist taking note of the contours of your mouth. This means that they are far more comfortable and better at staying put in your mouth, where they are meant to be. This is a great improvement on the situation in the past where wearers had to put up with what they got and just where a set of dentures that might have not really fit their mouth at all. What’s more, special material is usually used nowadays that is effectively friction-free.

There are, of course, other ways to replace lost teeth and they all have their pros and cons. Dental implants, for example, are becoming very popular. They are far more permanent than dentures but they also require invasive surgery and are quite an expensive choice. Have a chat with your local dentist in Sunbury and get him or her to talk through what is involved with wearing dentures. You might just find that it is the solution that suits you best when it comes to the problem of multiple tooth loss.