Sunbury dentists offer expert advice in oral hygiene

Having a healthy mouth allows you to eat, drink, talk and smile with ease and without discomfort. Your mouth is a finely tuned composite of different parts which are meant to work together to maximise efficiency. If one part of it is unhealthy then it can compromise the whole mouth’s ability to work properly.

At a basic level, good oral hygiene means having a mouth that is free from excess plaque and gum disease. Plaque is a substance that is formed by the food that you eat, especially those that contain high levels of sugar and starch. If it is not successfully removed then it can weaken the enamel on your teeth and cause tooth decay and gum disease.

To ensure that your mouth is free from plaque you should brush at least twice a day for about three minutes and floss. It is advisable to use fluoride tooth paste as fluoride strengthens your enamel, giving added protection against the effects of plaque. This should keep your gums free from disease too. Gingivitis is the most common form of gum disease and results in inflamed gums that can bleed and experience greater sensitivity.

Maintaining oral hygiene is achieved by being sure to visit the dentist every six months so that your mouth is checked over thoroughly by a dental specialist. In this way, any potential problems are spotted early so that they can be dealt with before developing into something worse.

If you require more information about oral hygiene, make an appointment to see your Sunbury dentist. They will be able to give you lots of expert advice about how to best take care of your mouth so that you can eat, drink, talk and smile in comfort.